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Want to WWV listen? This is the place.

Since my site normally has very low traffic I have decided to allow visitors to tune the radio themselves.
There is no time limit but if another visitor happens along your session will be aborted and the radio will
return to WWV reception.
Stations come and go depending on atmospheric conditions
It does happen in certain atmospheric conditions that no signal can be heard on any frequency.
If you hear nothing but static try again later. In the summer reception is often best when it is evening
or nightime in the eastern US.

The WWV transmitter is located in Fort Collins, CO USA.

This WWV receiver is located in Charlotte, NC USA.

More online receivers at DXZone

Due to network buffering the announced time is inaccurate

The WWV time signal transmitter is located in the western United States at Fort Collins, Colorado. It operates on 2.5, 5, 10, 15, and 20 Mhz 24/7. Due to the nature of radio propagation which changes from night to day the lower (2.5, 5, and 10 Mhz) frequencies are best at night and the higher (15 and 20 Mhz) frequencies are best during the day. Which particular frequency is optimal will vary according to the time of day as well as season of the year and even the state of solar activity. Embedded in the vocal time annoucement and second hand tick are timing signals which can be decoded by specialized equipment and even a pc with specal software that has the audio from a shortwave recevier connected via the line-in jack. The signals sent are synchronized to an atomic clock and are considered the most stable and accurate timing signals widely available on Earth.

The Clock Room at WWV

The Transmitter area at WWV

WWV's Building